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Big Red Daily Lottery Publications

Big RedThe Big Red Lottery Publications are numerology sheets published by Viamedia Corporation, a company with thirty six years of printing and distribution experience.  As the State Lottery games continue to grow nationwide, particularly there has been a dramatic increase in middle income, suburban households.  In the news it was reported that New Jersey has seen a record 2.6 Billion in revenue for 2010. Response to our sheet is continually growing and it is the only one of its kind to target these metropolitan areas.

Our founder William ‘Bill’ Underwood gave the country its first daily numerology sheet.  Success was instantaneous!  In 1974 the Big Red Daily Lottery Tip Sheet was born. Bill Underwood had an uncanny gift that allowed him to pick and predict what numbers would play at any given time of the year or month.  He created Big Red Daily to allow the regular lottery player an opportunity to implement his system of picking numbers based on past history and the law of averages and give you the advantage of making better selections when playing your lottery numbers...[Read more]


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