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Our Big Red Daily publication is distributed in the New York metropolitan area and is the largest circulation of its kind.  The daily publication carries information and results for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut state lotteries.  Included on the sheet are astrological predictions, horse racing and hot tips.  The Big Red Daily targets a large population with an accurate and easy to read listing of state lottery information.  Make better selections when playing your lottery numbers.  Keep up with past drawings.  Read the Big Red Daily.

Big Red Daily

1. The Characters

  • BIG RED, THE REVEREND MIKLEROY, SUPER DUDE & TOOTSIE, PO’ BROWN & LIL BRO - These picks are the hottest numbers to play in the midday & evening drawings for that days issue.

2. Ten Year Happenings

  • These numbers bear watching because they have fallen in the past ten years and the law of averages historically show the numbers repeat in cycles.

3. Woods Goods

  • Are the Hottest Horseracing tips

4. Big Red Zodiac

  • Are the best numbers to play for the Week of your birthday with your Zodiac sign

Before playing

  1. Watch this system for one week,
  2. Check this book with the numbers that fall in the lottery on that date, you will find that this Lottery Sheet Hits 4 out of 7 days each week
  3. Find which area of Pick hits works best for you.

Subscription - 3 Types of Membership

Published 7 days a week, Monday – Sunday. Website orders are for the low price of 50 cents a day and the LOW, LOW Price of $3.50 a week. You save over 15% off the newsstand price. CLICK HERE to subscribe for 7 days!
You can save even more when you order a monthly (30 day) subscription. Monthly Website orders are for the low price of $12.00 per month. You save over 30% off the newsstand price. CLICK HERE to subscribe for 1 month!
For even greater savings, enjoy a 3-month subscription for $34.00. CLICK HERE to subscribe for 3 months!

There are many ways to enjoy our products:

  • You can view your purchase
  • You can print your purchase on an 8½ x 14-inch paper
  • You can download.

Either way you will have your Big Red Lottery Product just the way you desire.  Good Winning!